MIDI Spoon Piano Is Precisely What You Suppose It Is

Pianos historically had keys made out of ivory, however there’s an effective way to keep away from that if you wish to save the elephants. You’ll be able to construct a keyboard utilizing spoons, as demonstrated by [JCo Audio]. 

The construct depends on twelve metallic spoons to behave because the keys of the instrument. They’re assembled right into a wood base in a fashion roughly approximating the white and black keys of a standard piano keyboard, utilizing 3D-printed inserts to carry them in place. They’re hooked as much as a Raspberry Pi Pico by way of a Pico Touch 2 board, which permits the spoons for use as capacitive contact pads. Code from [todbot] was then used to take enter from the 12 spoons and switch it into MIDI information. From there, hooking the Pi Pico as much as a PC operating some form of MIDI synth is sufficient to make sounds.

It’s a easy construct, however a useful one. Plus, it permits you to ask your pals in the event that they’d like to listen to you play the spoons. The important thing right here is to make an enormous present of hooking your instrument as much as a laptop computer whereas explaining you’re not going to play the spoons a la the folk instrument, however you’re going to play a synth instead. Then you must use the spoon keyboard to play emulated spoon samples anyway. It’s known as doubling down. Video after the break.

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