Ham Busts The Fable Of Floor

Everybody who offers with electronics is aware of that grounding is vital. Your own home has a copper rod within the floor. However [Kristen K6WX] has information: the concept of floor is kind of a myth. She defined at a chat on the current ARRL Nationwide Conference, and if you happen to didn’t make it, you possibly can watch it within the video under.

The issue is analogous to discovering one thing that’s standing nonetheless. You actually can solely speak about one thing standing nonetheless relative to one thing else. Positive, you is likely to be standing nonetheless outdoors a constructing, however seen from the moon, you and the constructing are spinning round at about one revolution per day. When you had been sitting on the solar and never burning up, you’d see a number of movement of every part, and, after all, the solar itself is shifting in the fitting body of reference.

So what’s floor? Only a widespread reference between two issues. [Kristen] will get into RF grounds, DC grounds, and phasors. When you’ve ever wished to floor your antenna or take care of RF interference, you’ll discover loads of info on this 45-minute video.

The title floor is, maybe, unlucky. You do need earth grounding for lightning safety, however what most of us consider as floor is only a conference. Want a -9V battery? Simply reverse your meter leads, and there you go.

Getting an excellent widespread reference can be maddening. We’ve checked out approach too many ground loops earlier than.

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