IQM Quantum Computers (IQM) has introduced that their 20 qubit Garnet quantum processor is now obtainable to finish customers on the Amazon Braket service. This processor has a sq. lattice topology utilizing tunable couplers and has a medium 2-qubit gate constancy of 99.51% with a single pair hitting 99.8%. This processor joins others obtainable on Amazon Braket together with from IonQ, Oxford Quantum Circuits (OQC), QuEra, and Rigetti. It is going to be the primary AWS processor hosted within the European Union. (OQC is situated within the UK which is in Europe, however the UK is not a part of the European Union). The processor entry will even embrace the Braket Direct function which permits clients to order devoted time on the machine. A press launch asserting the provision of this machine on Amazon Braket has been posted on the IQM web site here.

Could 23, 2024