DARPA Manta Ray is a Breakthrough Unmanned Drone Submarine

Northrop Grumman Company accomplished meeting of a full-size uncrewed underwater automobile (UUV) prototype generally known as Manta Ray. A brand new class of UUV, it’s an extra-large glider that can function long-duration, long-range and payload-capable undersea missions with out want for on-site human logistics. The Manta Ray can wait on the seabed to intercept nuclear submarines. DARPA’s Manta Ray is an autonomous, uncrewed underwater automobile (UUV) that may function at depths that conventional submersibles can’t attain. The Manta Ray program was launched in 2020 to enhance underwater automobile design and develop methods to extend payload capability and preserve power.

Manta Ray was constructed by means of a Protection Superior Analysis Tasks Company (DARPA) program geared toward advancing key applied sciences to learn future UUV designs, together with methods to handle power, elevated payload capability, low-power propulsion and extra.

Manta Ray goals to develop and display a brand new class of long-duration, long-range, payload-capable UUVs prepared for persistent operations in dynamic maritime environments. DARPA is partaking with the U.S. Navy on the subsequent steps for testing and transition of this expertise.

A second Manta Ray performer, PacMar Applied sciences, is continuous testing of its full-scale power harvesting system in 2024.

Seabed Management is a New Area for the Navy

France had a plan to determine seabed management by the 2030s.

Nextbigfuture substack has more details on seabed warfare.

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