AI Period of Brokers, Humanoid Bots and 1000X Sooner Simulations and Coaching

Jim Fan, Senior Research Scientist at NVIDIA and Lead of AI Agents Initiative, gave a keynote at the GenAI Summit 2024 where he talked about the latest AI at Nvidia. He describes the brand new world of digital brokers, humanoid bots and ultra-fast simulation and coaching.

There have been three AI eras earlier than the brand new AI period of brokers. There are 4 features to outline the period. The information, studying functionality and the mannequin. The classical period, we use little to virtually no knowledge and the educational. There’s no studying. Principally it’s engineered. This stuff are engineered objects, and the aptitude may be very brittle something outdoors the templates, good luck. And the fashions at most are shallow fashions, or no fashions in any respect. After which the neural period, we’ve these constrained benchmarks, these small scale knowledge units, and perhaps ImageNet 1.2 million is already the biggest scale. And for the educational we do largely supervised, the place you have got the label knowledge and the aptitude are extra like area specialist. And these fashions are the deep fashions.

The agentic period is the most recent AI period.

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