Emulate A KIM-1 With A Commodore 64

When you consider virtualization, you often take into consideration making some CPU fake to be one other CPU. Nevertheless, there are generally benefits to creating a pc fake to be the identical laptop.

That’s the case with [oldvcr]’s KIMplement, which emulates a KIM-1 with a 6502 utilizing a Commodore 64, which additionally makes use of a 6502.The rationale this is sensible is that you’ve got complete management over an emulated CPU. If a program, for instance, writes to a essential reminiscence location or tries to take over the display or keyboard, you may simply make the emulator do one thing extra acceptable. Issues like breakpoints and single stepping additionally grow to be trivial.

The digital machine on the coronary heart of it’s 6o6 (6502 on 6502), and it appears to carry out effectively. By virtualizing, you may simply defend the system from applications that attempt to, for instance, take over an interrupt vector. That is much like how x86 protected mode can run previous real-mode code in a digital atmosphere and intervene for sure directions. The emulation is nice sufficient that the emulator can run the emulator, which then runs the emulator to truly run the true goal. That’s wasteful, in fact, but it surely does converse to the completeness of the fake CPU.

In order for you a KIM-1 (and an 1802 Elf) however solely have an Arduino, you may emulate a different way. No less than an emulated KIM-1 doesn’t develop bad memory chips.

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