3D Print A Drill-Powered Helicopter Toy As a result of It’s Merely Enjoyable

Lately, you will get a totally remote-control helicopter that you would be able to fly round your home for about $30. Possibly much less. Again within the day, youngsters needed to make do with far less complicated toys, like spinning discs that simply flew up within the air. [JBV Creative] has constructed a toy identical to that together with his 3D printer. It may be simple, but it also looks pretty darn fun.

The design is easy. It makes use of an influence drill to spin up a geartrain, which in flip drives a small disc propeller. Spin the propeller quick sufficient and it’ll launch excessive into the air. The geartrain mounts to the drill by way of the chuck, and it interfaces with the propeller with a easy toothed coupler. Alternatively, there’s additionally a hand-cranked model if you happen to don’t have an influence drill handy.

Launching is straightforward. First, the drill spins the propeller up to the mark. Then, when the drill’s set off is launched, it slows down, and the propeller spins freed from the toothed coupler, with the raise it generates carrying it into the sky.

Files are available online for these . We might think about this toy might make the premise for an awesome design competitors. College students might compete to optimise the design with simpler gear ratios or higher airfoils. We’ve seen similar designs before, too. Video after the break.

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