The Obtain: head transplants, and filtering sounds with AI

An animated video posted this week has a voice-over that seems like a late-night TV advert, however the pitch is straight out of the far future. The arms of an octopus-like robotic surgeon swirl, swiftly eradicating the top of a dying man and putting it onto a younger, wholesome physique. 

That is BrainBridge, the animated video claims—“the world’s first revolutionary idea for a head transplant machine, which makes use of state-of-the-art robotics and synthetic intelligence to conduct full head and face transplantation.”

BrainBridge isn’t an actual firm—it’s not included wherever. But it’s not merely a provocative murals. This video is best understood as the primary public billboard for a massively controversial scheme to defeat loss of life that’s lately been gaining consideration amongst some life-extension proponents and entrepreneurs. Read the full story.

—Antonio Regalado

Noise-canceling headphones use AI to let a single voice by way of

Trendy life is noisy. If you happen to don’t prefer it, noise-canceling headphones can scale back the sounds in your surroundings. However they muffle sounds indiscriminately, so you possibly can simply find yourself lacking one thing you really need to hear.

A brand new prototype AI system for such headphones goals to resolve this. Known as Goal Speech Listening to, the system provides customers the flexibility to pick an individual whose voice will stay audible even when all different sounds are canceled out.

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