Xanadu has introduced strategic partnerships with two distinguished Japanese firms, Nanofiber Quantum Technologies (NanoQT) and QunaSys, aimed toward advancing quantum computing capabilities in Japan. These collaborations are poised to speed up quantum principle analysis and software program growth utilizing Xanadu’s pioneering open-source framework, PennyLane. NanoQT, Japan’s first startup to specialise in nanofiber-based Cavity QED techniques, will concentrate on scaling quantum networks by integrating impartial atoms and photons. This partnership holds promise for creating error-corrected, fault-tolerant quantum computer systems, essential for future quantum applied sciences.

Concurrently, QunaSys will harness PennyLane to advance error correction algorithms tailor-made for quantum chemistry and computer-aided engineering. This collaboration goals to reinforce the sensible purposes of quantum computing in real-world eventualities. Past technical innovation, these partnerships underscore a dedication to nurturing Japan’s quantum ecosystem. They’ll present important instructional sources and coaching alternatives to Japanese universities, bolstering current applications and cultivating the subsequent era of quantum scientists and engineers.

For added particulars, please consult with the complete press launch from Xanadu here.

July 3, 2024