Quest Apps Can Now Cover The Boundary In Blended Actuality

Quest Apps Can Now Cover The Boundary In Blended Actuality
Quest Apps Can Now Cover The Boundary In Blended Actuality

Any combined actuality app on Quest can now disable the annoying VR-centric security boundary.

Boundary, previously known as Guardian, is definitely helpful in digital actuality so you do not go away your playspace and stumble upon furnishings and partitions. However in most combined actuality apps it is superfluous, since you possibly can already see the atmosphere round you, and downright annoying as a result of it means you possibly can’t make the most of your full room as a playspace.

Since v57 of the Meta XR Core SDK select whitelisted developers have been allowed to disable this boundary. Now with v66 of the SDK, any developer can do that.

The one “catch” is that the boundary will solely be disabled whereas passthrough is being rendered, ie. in combined actuality. Totally immersive VR nonetheless requires the boundary, which is smart for security causes given you possibly can’t see your environment.

You might be pondering a developer might render a tiny slice of passthrough to trick the system to eliminate the boundary in almost-full VR. However whereas this technically may work, do not forget that Quest lowers the CPU and GPU clock speeds when passthrough is energetic, so this may come at a notable price to efficiency.

Quest 3 ‘Smart Guardian’ Room Scanning Setup Leaked

Clips appearing to show room scanning setup for Quest 3’s mixed reality and ‘Smart Guardian’ found in firmware:

Earlier than Quest 3 launched clips found in the firmware prompt Meta would exchange the boundary with one thing altogether completely different, a extra clever system that confirmed furnishings and partitions as you approached them. That did not occur, or at the very least hasn’t but, however within the meantime eliminating the annoying legacy boundary in combined actuality shall be tremendously appreciated by builders and customers alike.

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